Left Behind

Freedom cannot be boughtIt’s something you’re born withBut why do I have itWhile you do notYour natural birth orderPrevents you from crossingAn arbitrary borderYou can’t see what I seeBut you didn’t do anythingTo be in that positionA passport is the keyBut you can’t get oneIt’s random luckUnfortunately you’re stuckIn the place where you’ve always beenWithout … Continue reading Left Behind

Swipe Right

Swipe right if you like what you seeBut you don’t really see meHow do you choose oneWhen you can always pick anotherThe next best thing is yet to comeWith the next swipeIt’s never quite right Welcome to the world of dreamsWhere everyone seems perfectMake yourself seem like the best versionFunny, smart, well wordedAlways searchingBut it’s … Continue reading Swipe Right


I get lost in my mind, in images of what I want to be. But it’s not in front of me.  I imagined that you had feelings, that you saw me dancing and our souls met.  Then your presence subsided, the connection was lost. You faded for no reason. I always want to know why.  … Continue reading Seeker


How Covid has warped all of our livesThis name that came into existenceHas taken all the powerFreedom to interact and resistanceAgainst the systemThat has now taken overMoving through the Greek alphabetBut we don’t know what it is yetWe cover our faces and stay in our placesFor fear of the unknownGerms, particles and crowded spacesThe thing … Continue reading Corona

Social Unawareness

You walk on your own streets,Unaware of others needs.You stop in the middle,Causing the natural flow,To fracture, to whittle.Socially unaware,It’s clear you don’t care,About the people around you. But how is it possible to be so blind?How do you participate in life,Always lost in your own mind.Do you ever find,Meaningful relationships. I try to engage … Continue reading Social Unawareness


I’m curly  DNA spirals on my head define me  It’s part of my identity  I can’t whip my pony  Or run my fingers through my hair  But my curls bounce and play  Medusa all day  A life of their own  Curls wildly Spring back Grows like a Chia pet Expands in humidity  Adds personality  You … Continue reading Curly

The Amazon

I’m throwing up. In a car, in Ecuador. And no one notices. It’s 5am, I try to close my eyes in the early morning light and sleep, but my stomach disagrees with my desires. The winding road does not agree with me either. I open my small empanada bag, my discarded breakfast, and continue purging. … Continue reading The Amazon

Hey Alexa

Turn off the lights, Sweep the floor, Because I can’t do things for myself anymore.  Alexa now lives with us all, However, Our new AI girlfriend is really a troll. Hey Alexa, Play my favorite song. It doesn’t seem like anything’s wrong. She’s now in my home, my bedroom, My space. We think we can … Continue reading Hey Alexa


I will hide inside of you, And make my home in your leaves.  I’m safe here,  Protected, sheltered.  Your branches are my shield, They hang down,  Wrap around,  My fear and insecurities.  And I can always count on the trees, To hide and protect me.  I wrap myself around the willows,  The earth is my … Continue reading Willow


You see the world through your phone,But do you see what’s in front of you,Is the memory on your phone,Stronger than the one in your mind?You re-live the memory again and again,But were you really there when it happened?Preventing intimate moments,Social interactions,Anything uncomfortable,Boredom.The screen holds all our attention. Stuck in a world’s that’s not here.You … Continue reading Screens